Do You Have Anger Issues?



The items on this scale describe situations that are related to anger arousal. For each of the items please rate the degree to which the incident described would anger or provoke you by selecting the appropriate degree of annoyance. Try to imagine the incident actually happening to you, and then indicate the extent to which it would have made you angry.

In the actual situations, the degree of anger that you would experience would depend on other factors that are not specified in the items (such as what kind of situation, how the act occurred, etc.). This scale is concerned with your general reactions, and so the details of the particular situations have been omitted. Please do your best to rate your responses in this general fashion.

The anger quiz has 24 short multiple choice questions. It is based on the Novaco Anger Inventory.

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1. You are trying to concentrate, but a person near you is tapping their foot
2. Being singled out for a correction, while the actions of others go unnoticed
3. You have had a busy day, and the person you live with starts to complain about how you forgot to do something you agreed to
4. You have hung up your clothes, but someone knocks them to the floor and fails to pick them up
5. You are trying to discuss something important with your mate or partner who isn't giving you a chance to express your feelings
6. While you are struggling to carry four cups of coffee to your table at a coffee shop, someone bumps into you, spilling the coffee
7. Being mocked by a small group of people as you pass them
8. In a hurry to get somewhere, you tear a good pair of trousers or skirt on a sharp object
9. You need to get somewhere quickly, but the car in front of you is going 40 mph in a 60 mph zone, and you can't pass
10. Being overcharged by a repair person who has you over a barrel
11. You have made arrangements to go somewhere with a person who backs off at the last minute and leaves you hanging
12. Someone makes a mistake and blames it on you
13. Getting your car stuck in the mud or sand
14. You accidentally make the wrong kind of turn in a car park. As you get out of your car someone yells at you, "where did you learn to drive?"
15. Stepping on a lump of chewing gum
16. Being joked about or teased
17. You unpack an appliance you have just bought, plug it in, and discover that it doesn't work
18. Your car is stalled at a traffic light, and the person behind you keeps blowing his horn
19. Someone sticks his or her nose into an argument between you and someone else
20. You are talking to someone and they don't answer you
21. You are hounded by a sales person from the moment you walk into the store
22. You lend someone an important book or tool, and they fail to return it
23. You are in a discussion with someone who persists in arguing about a topic they know very little about
24. Someone pretends to be something they are not