Reigniting the Passion in Your Sex Life Doesn’t Have to Be Hard. Read These 8 Tips

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Do you remember how it felt to be in love? You had a spring in your step, a smile on your face, and no one could get you down. You were walking on air, feeling great, and losing weight! Then what happened? 

Life got busy. It brought you challenges and stress that made you lose sight of what you once had. But the good news is that spark is still there. It just needs to be unearthed and rekindled so it can burn bright once again.

You don’t have to let the
distance you feel go on any longer. You have the power to rekindle and bring
back the passion you once felt. You deserve to have the joyful partnership you
crave with your partner. Are you ready to give it a try? 

These 8 tips can help you reignite that passion you once felt

1) Foster emotional

together wonderful

Create an environment of closeness and safety by taking time
to listen to your partner. Be curious about their feelings. Make the effort to
understand where they are coming from. Open, honest, and kind communication
builds trust and security where emotional intimacy can flourish.

2) Talk about your

Be open and discuss what your expectations are. Knowing what
your partner is needing and wanting can help lower any uneasy feelings. Each
situation may be different and it can be helpful to know what each of you is up
for in that moment.

3) Make time to make

couple bed

It may not seem sexy to schedule in time for your sexual
needs, but it can slip away with busy schedules. Setting time that you both are
available and resourced helps you put the focus on connecting. Pencil in some
time for making love on your calendars.

4) Know yourself, know your body, know your needs, and then communicate what you know

Take time to explore your body and see what you enjoy and feel comfortable with. What are your needs in the bedroom? Need certain things for foreplay- kiss, touching, taking it slow? When you know what you like, let your partner know. You can tell them or send them sexy texts of what you’d like to try.

5) Recognize that
great sex begins in your relationship, not just in your bedroom

i love you

How we interact on a daily basis effects our sex life.
Respect and kindness are important and create connection. A kind word to let
your partner know you appreciate them. Helping out with the dishes or putting
the kids to bed.

6) Get out of your

couple washer

Try something new. Be adventurous and playful. Share your
fantasies and curiosities with each other. Make sure that you are both
comfortable with the things you try in order to create safety. Spicing it up
can help you learn new things about yourself and partner.

7) Focus on
affectionate touch

couple hand

Have regular times to be affectionate throughout the day without the pressure of it leading to intercourse. This can give you and your partner time to just hang out and be together. Reach out with a tender touch before getting out of bed. Kiss and hug each other every morning before one or both of you leave the house. Reach across the table or the couch to hold your spouse’s hand.

8) Get Help When You
Need It

If you feel your emotional relationship heading downward,
you may want to consider seeking help from a couple’s therapist. You may have
grown apart, hurt each other without meaning to, avoided intimacy for personal
reasons, or become distracted by the demands of life. These problems can often
be solved with dedication, time, and sincere attention.

Lehmann, M.A., LMFT
 is a Marriage and Family Therapist at Relationships Matter Austin in
Austin, Texas. Struggling to find the love you once felt? Carlene can help
you rekindle the passion you once felt and increase your intimacy with your
partner. To schedule your appointment with Carlene, you can reach her at (512)
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