Mindful Self Compassion

Mindful Self Compassion Workshop & Group

Mindful Self Compassion Workshop

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Mindful Self Compassion Group


Do you find yourself comparing yourself to others?

Are you sometimes critical of yourself when you fall short?

Would you like to learn to treat yourself with more kindness?

It is possible with a mindfulness and self compassion practice!

This 6 week group will help you learn skills in mindfulness and self compassion to help you strengthen your inner champion. We explore through guided meditation, journaling, and group discussion. Take time to learn how to be more gentle and kind with yourself. This is not a therapy group. It is a psychoeducational and experiential group in which you learn information on mindfulness and compassion and practice it in the group.

**New Group will start Sunday, October 6 from 2:30- 4pm**

Group dates will be on Sunday afternoons- October 6, October 13, October 20, October 27, November 3, and November 10

Location: Relationships Matter Austin- Central
5808 Balcones Drive
Suite 201, Austin, TX 78731

**Early Bird Special: Sign Up by Sept. 22 and receive $75 off!**

Mindful Self Compassion- Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this group best for?

This group is for those who struggle with that critical inner voice. You might find yourself comparing yourself to others and feeling like you just don’t measure up. You may experience that when you try to slow down that you have racing thoughts and worries which make it hard to relax or go to sleep. In this group, you’ll learn ways to relax and develop more compassion for yourself. We are with ourselves all the time and we are often more compassionate with others than ourselves. We will learn to treat ourselves with kindness and understanding.

Is this a therapy group?

No, this group is not a therapy group. It is a psychoeducational and experiential group. This group provides education and information on mindfulness and self compassion through interactive activities and experiences which allow you to practice in a safe and distraction free space and then apply it to your daily life.

I don’t have a meditation practice. Are we going to be sitting in silence for long periods of time?

You don’t need to have a meditation practice to participate in this group. I can hear the fear and anxiety about having to sit in silence for long periods of time. The good news is we don’t do that in this group. You are introduced to shorter guided meditations. Simply put, guided meditation is meditation with the assistance of a guide. You will be guided through relaxing visualizations designed to help your mind focus, reduce tension, and promote stress relief. It is especially helpful for people who have racing thoughts, anxiety, and depression to have something to focus on in order to help your body relax.

I am introverted and feeling ambivalent about joining a group where I don’t know anyone.

I created this group to give those who are highly sensitive and introverted a safe place to come and explore your wisdom. A small group where you can learn ways to be kinder and gentler with yourself as you navigate the stresses in life. There will be private time for reflection and journaling and there is never any pressure to share. We want this to be a comfortable space for you to relax and renew.